Receive, Store, Deliver

The Design Logistic Group is ready to receive your furnishing order, inspect the item for quality assurance, and store it until you are ready for delivery. Our warehouse is bonded and insured so rest assured that our team can care for your furnishings until your delivery date.

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Designer Services

We work with the top Designers in Denver-metro and we understand the fast-paced world of Interior Design. We will receive your fine furnishing items, store, and coordinate the delivery time with your design team. Your items will be inspected, wrapped, stored, and delivered with the utmost care and detail.  

On-Time Delivery

Our team will be in contact with your Interior Designer to ensure that your furnishings are delivered in time for the move, staging, or start of your home improvement project.  Your furnishing will be wrapped and stored appropriately until the delivery date.


We want to hear about your storage needs.

Whether you are a designer that has an upcoming project that requires a warehouse or if you are a client that needs furniture storage, we are the team for you. Leave us a message with your needs and we will get back to you soon.

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Straightforward & Stressfree Process

On-Time Delivery To Your Client

The Warehouse Is Bonded & Insured

We Receive, Store & Inspect Items

Designer Services

The Design Logistic Group knows and understands the busy world of interior designers. We are here to make your life easier and help coordinate your next big design project. Our team will help lighten your workload by handling the receiving, storage, and delivery of your furniture and artwork. We will ensure that your items are treated with the utmost care and handled properly by a team that is experienced with high-end furnishing.

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Need An Interior Designer?

One of our favorite local Interior Designers and stagers to the work with is Kim Layne Interiors. See more about Kim Layne Interiors on their website and reach out to them today for your next staging or interior design needs.